Covenants and Bylaws

Each of the SOCOMA neighborhoods has covenants and deed restrictions that must be followed by each resident.

Some of the documents have been re-typed for clarity purposes.  No additions, subtractions or corrections were introduced.  In all situations, the original document supersedes the retyped versions.

Refer to the original Socoma Covenants and Deed Restrictions documentation to view authorizations, signatures and seals.

Original Retyped
Hills of Stone Oak Unit I – covenants  Hills of Stone Oak Unit I – Covenants  /  Declarations  /  Amendments
 Stone Canyon Unit I – covenants  Stone Canyon Unit I – Covenants  /  Amendments
 The Glen at Stone Oak – Unit I – covenants
 The Glen at Stone Oak Unit II – covenants
 SOCOMA Bylaws